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Naxos AudioBooks – Celebrating 25 Years

Naxos AudioBooks Celebrates 25 Years

By Anthony Anderson

22 May 2019

This year sees the 25th anniversary of the inception of Naxos AudioBooks. The company was founded in 1994 by Klaus Heymann, founder and Chairman of the Naxos Music Group, and journalist Nicolas Soames. Its initial aim was to release recordings …

Naples ‘44 (unabridged)

The Road Less Travelled – The Genre of Travel Literature

By Anthony Anderson

22 February 2019

A recent issue of the UK trade publication The Bookseller reported on the decline in sales of travel books. For the most part this sector of the book industry is dominated by travel guides, and the shift from print to …

Ghost Stories (unabridged)

Winter Ghost Stories – Tales from the Other Side

By Anthony Anderson

15 December 2018

This time of year, with its dark evenings and cosy fires, lends itself to the telling of ghost stories. Henry James’s?The Turn of the Screw?opens very much in this vein: ‘The story had held us, round the fire, sufficiently breathless, …

Clarissa, or The History of a Young Lady, Volume 1

Intimate Letters: The Epistolary Novel

By Anthony Anderson

27 October 2018

The art of letter writing may seem unfashionable in a world dominated by tweets and posts. However, the practice goes back almost as far as the history of writing itself, and, as well as letter from one person to another, …

Tales from the Greek Legends (unabridged)

Summer Listening for All Ages

By Anthony Anderson

3 August 2018

Summer affords many of us the opportunity to do some of the enjoyable things that we have been unable to find time for during the rest of the year – this includes reading… and, of course, listening. This could be …

War?& Peace - Volume I (unabridged)

Tolstoy On The Treadmill

By Anthony Anderson

31 May 2018

Recently an article appeared on the BBC website with a list of good reasons to listen to audiobooks. There is, of course, no dissent from us at Naxos AudioBooks – we have loved the format even before the inception of …

Hard Times (unabridged)

Great Opening Lines

By Anthony Anderson

17 April 2018

Recently the Times newspaper ran an article with what it thought to be the best 25 first lines from all novels ever written. Notwithstanding the subjectivity of such a list (‘It was the best of times, it was the worst …

The Life of Samuel Johnson (unabridged)

The Art of Biography – A matter of perspective

By Anthony Anderson

7 February 2018

Early in the year, Naxos AudioBooks released recordings of the biographies of two great characters from the eighteenth century. Although the lives of Samuel Johnson and Giacomo Casanova overlapped considerably, it is hard, at first glance, to think of two …

Audiobooks: An Upward Revolution

By Anthony Anderson

12 December 2017

Naxos AudioBooks was present at the Audiobook Revolution sessions at the recent FutureBook conference in London. The strong attendance was a sign, if one were needed, of the impressive growth that the audiobook market is currently enjoying. It was unsurprising …

Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

Blurbs: Fact or Fiction?

By Anthony Anderson

18 October 2017

Promotional blurbs have become part of the standard marketing of not only books, but music, films and other media. However, they are fairly recent in the publishing industry. The first blurb is thought to have appeared in 1865, in the …

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